The IASFAA Listserv is available for use by IASFAA members.
To subscribe to the Listserv or post a message, click on IASFAA Listserv
and go to My Features > E-Lists
You will need your Username, Password and current membership.
Please read the following before proceeding.

Listserv Policy
The IASFAA Listserv is the organization’s official communication tool to allow for the timely exchange of information and problem resolution by IASFAA members. As such, its use is limited to IASFAA business by its members. Examples of appropriate listserv usage include the notification of IASFAA-sponsored activities, updates from IASFAA committees, sharing of milestone moments and questions posted to the membership. Users of the listserv should avoid profanity and personal attacks in all communications. All marketing and advertising of products or services of individuals or businesses is prohibited.

Membership in IASFAA includes agreement to the terms of the Listserv as noted above.  Violation of these terms can result in loss of membership privileges. Questions regarding Listserv use should be raised with the current Chair of Electronic Services or the President.

What is the IASFAA Listserv?
The IASFAA Listserv is intended as an efficient method for IASFAA members to quickly disseminate relevant information to fellow IASFAA members. The listserv is a mass mailing list of IASFAA members who have paid membership dues for the current year. This means that you can send an email message to a single email address, and have it received by everyone who is currently a IASFAA member. You must be a "paid" member in order to send messages to the listserv.

IMPORTANT: The listserv is for current IASFAA members and is updated regularly as membership changes. If you have paid for membership with IASFAA and are not receiving listserv messages, or you are having difficulty posting messages to the listserv, check your subscription in the Member Portal.