Award Descriptions

John Heisner Memorial Lifetime Achievement
Named in memory of John Heisner, the recipient of this award exemplifies the ideals of service to the profession, support of colleagues and advocacy for students. This award is the highest honor IASFAA bestows upon an individual member and requires significant contributions over an extended period of time; therefore a recipient may not be named each and every year.

John E. Moore Award
Named in honor of John E. Moore, the "father" of IASFAA, who convened a meeting of some 30 financial aid people in Des Moines on May 14, 1968 that set the stage for the creation of IASFAA. John was IASFAA's first president 1968-1969. This award goes to a Financial Aid Office demonstrating the highest standards of service and commitment to their students and community. Nominations are restricted to schools with at least one current IASFAA regular member and recipient selection is made by the Awards Committee. The previous year's recipients is not eligible.

John C. Parker Distinguished Service Award
The John C. Parker Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual member's scope of accomplishment over a sustained period of time rather than recognizing excellence in a single event or project and focuses on the individual's call to service. This award recognizes outstanding and prolonged achievement in support of IASFAA and the financial aid profession.

Meritorious Service
The Meritorious Service Award recognizes a significant contribution to IASFAA and/or the financial aid profession. Selection is based upon leadership; work on an important project; or significant service to students, the association or the profession. Both individuals and committees may be considered for the award.

Outstanding Committee Member of the Year Award
This award was established to not only honor the outstanding accomplishments of a particular individual but to recognize the participation and contribution of all IASFAA members who serve on IASFAA committees. Nominations for this award are made by current committee chairs and submitted to the Awards Committee for recipient selections. Both nominators and nominees must be current IASFAA members (regular, associate or lifetime), and prior recipients are eligible for nomination.

Outstanding New Professional
The Outstanding New Professional Award recognizes the achievements of a financial aid professional who has been in the financial aid profession for five years or less but has already made significant contributions to IASFAA or the financial aid profession. Both nominators and nominees must be current IASFAA members (regular, associate, or lifetime), and prior recipients are not eligible for nomination.

Student Success Story of the Year
The Description: The Student Success Story of the Year Award recognizes a single recipient who symbolizes the importance of financial aid in achieving a post-secondary education. Both the achievements of the nominee and the use of financial aid in the pursuit of his/her educational goals should be addressed by nominators. Nominees must have recently graduated or be in the final year of their program at the institution of the nominating IASFAA member and must have received Title IV federal student assistance while enrolled.

The Criteria: IASFAA is not attempting to select the "most successful" former financial aid recipient, but rather to choose someone who can be representative of all aid recipients who are successful. The nominee for the Student Success Story of the Year must meet the following qualifications:

The nominee must be in the last year of their program at the nominating institution or must hold a degree or certificate of completion from a post-secondary educational institution which is an eligible institution for U.S. Department of Education Title IV student assistance programs.

The nominee must have received need-based financial assistance while enrolled at the institution.

The nominee will be invited to attend the Spring Conference for a formal presentation of the award.

IASFAA continues to emphasize the student. It is fitting that at its conference IASFAA chooses to honor a student who is a successful financial aid recipient and, in so doing, to honor all students who needed aid, received aid and used that aid to achieve success.

The Selection: The IASFAA Awards Committee will evaluate each nomination and hold discussion on the merits of each potential recipient. The IASFAA Awards Committee shall have the prerogative to request additional information if necessary. The final selection will be based on the concept of what the award is intended to represent.

The Presentation: The Student Success Story of the Year will be presented during the IASFAA conference. Travel expenses for the student award recipient will be assumed by IASFAA. A representative from the student's institution will also be asked to attend.

The Format: The Student Success Story of the Year will be in the form of a wooden plaque with the IASFAA medallion and appropriate text identifying the student's name, institution and date presented. A certificate of recognition will be given to the student's institution and presented to the representative of the institution.