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The Iowa Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is a dynamic organization serving practitioners, users, and providers of student financial aid programs serving individuals who seek postsecondary educations, while fostering and promoting sound statements of financial aid.

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What makes IASFAA successful are the volunteer efforts of our colleagues who dedicate time and energy to provide programs and services to our members.

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Welcome to the Iowa Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (IASFAA) website! It is truly my honor to serve as your 2015-16 IASFAA President and I am looking forward to a year with many opportunities within our organization.

The 2015-16 Executive Council and I will be working to represent the interests of students attending Iowa colleges and universities. Iowa also has representation at the regional, MASFAA, and national levels, NASFAA.

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Kristi Fuller
2015-16 IASFAA President

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